Other US Train Trips

Early US trips, 1971

Pre-Amtrak excursions in early 1971 from Los Angeles to Kelso (in the Mojave Desert), Bakersfield (over Tehachapi) and Surf (along the SP Coast Line)

Trips in California, 1976-1979

Later 1970s trips, both on Amtrak to San Diego and San Jose and local excursions to Oceanside and by both Santa Fe routes to San Bernardino

First Sleeping Car trips, 1982

Three trips in 1982, including my first sleeping car trip, and my first transcontinental trip

Washington DC, 1983

We travel to Sacramento and then Washington, DC, spending two full weeks at the latter, and then completing a circle trip on Amtrak

Denver and Seattle, 1985

A circular trip from Los Angeles to Denver and Seattle in 1985

Three Places in New England, 1990

We spend three weeks at three different places in New England, and a weekend in New York City, getting back and forth via Amtrak

RailFair 91

A trip to attend RailFair 91 in Sacramento, with a side trip to Nevada City afterwards

Ex-SP 2472 on the Coast Line, 1994

We ride behind ex-SP 4-6-2 2472 between San Luis Obispo and Tangair, and then San Luis Obispo and San Jose, in May 1994

UP 3985 over Cajon Pass, 1994

A round trip over Cajon Pass with the UP excursion train in May 1994

Narrow Gauge Steam in Indian Country, 1994

A trip to ride on the Durango & Silverton, Cumbres & Toltec, Santa Fe Southern, and Grand Canyon Railway, in September, 1994

Pacific Coast by Private Car, 1994

We ride former UP 6-4-6 Pullman National Forum to and from Oakland (behind Amtrak), with a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train while in the bay area

West Coast AAPRCO Convention Train, 1995

We traveled up the Inside Gateway to Nelson, BC, and Lake Louise, AB, for the 1995 AAPRCO Convention

San Diego Railroad Museum, 1996

A visit to San Diego to ride light rail to Santee and visit the San Diego Railroad Museum

Eastern Arizona, 1997

Our trip to the mountains of eastern Arizona and our visits to copper-country railroads there

British Columbia (BC Rail), 1997

A trip over some 90% of the route miles of BC Rail, including the Tumbler Ridge line, using three of that railroad's Budd RDCs

Tecate, 1998

A trip from Tijuana to the San Diego Railroad Museum at Campo, via Tecate, with steam from Tecate to Campo

Miami, 1998

A week spent traveling from Los Angeles through Chicago and Washington DC to Miami and back, with a digression to Newport News, in April and May, 1998

Los Angeles Metrorail Blue Line Maintenance Shops, 6-20-1998

The local IEE chapter visits the Blue Line Shops

West Coast AAPRCO Convention Train, 1998

Our trip on the "Western": train to the AAPRCO Private Car Convention in 1998

Orange Empire Railway Museum, 11-11-2000

Pacific Railroad Society's visit to Orange Empire Railway Museum

Mount Shasta, 2001

Visit to McCloud River and Yreka Western Railroads in July, 2001

California Western by Steam, 2001

Visit to California Western Railroad in October, 2001

Pacific Coast and Donner Pass by Private Car, 2002

We travel from Los Angeles to Sparks (Reno), Nevada, and back, by private cars attached to regular Amtrak trains, in October 2002

Metrolink to the Antelope Valley, 2003

A Saturday Metrolink trip from Los Angeles to Lancaster (CA) through Soledad Canyon

Tehachapi Pass by Bus, 2003

Describes a railfanning trip by bus to Tehachapi Pass on May 17th, 2003, including details of the trains seen

Montana Rockies by Steam, 2004

Describes the trip which included three days with 4449 in Montana as well as diversions in Wisconsin and North Dakota

Copper Canyon, 2004

To Mexico to visit the Copper Canyon by train

Springtime in the Rockies, 2006

The 2006 R&:HS Annual Meeting in Pagosa Springs, CO, and related trips

A Weekend in Los Angeles, 2007

An R&LHS excursion to the Metrolink Control Center in Pomona and UP's West Colton Yard, plus symphony concert and opera at the Music Center

North Carolina and High Colorado, 2007

The 2007 R&LHS Annual Meeting in Salisbury, NC, a Mountain Outin' Tour in Colorado, and our journeys to, from and in between

Portland (OR), Savannah, Philadelphia, and Lancaster, 2008

The 2008 R&LHS Annual Meeting in Lancaster, PA, with our travel to and from, and our stops in Portland, Savannah, and Philadelphia on the way

Around the World in Northern Climes, 2008

We ride the Trans-Siberian Railway from East to west, visit St. Petersburg and Amsterdam, and then join the Mountain Outin' 'White Whales and Prairie Tales' tour in Manitoba

Private Cars to San Diego and San Pedro, 2008

The 2008 AAPRCO Convention day trip, with former AT&SF 4-8-4 3751 from Los Angeles to San Diego and return, and diesel haulage down the Alameda Corridor to San Pedro

An Amtrak detour in the San Joaquin Valley and Tehachapi Mountains, 2008

Amtrak's California Zephyr detours over the ex-SP route between Sacramento, Stockton and Bakersfield, and over the Tehachapis, due to tunnel clearance work on the Coast Route

Southeastern Arizona Copper Branches, 2009

A rare-mileage trip to two former Southern Pacific branches on the north side of the Sunset Route in southeastern Arizona.

A Down Eastern Maine Adventure, 2009

Our trip to, at, and from the 2009 R&LHS Annual Meeting in Portland Main, including our (second) completion of all current Amtrak trackage.

A Trip on the Old SP Santa Paula Line, 2009

A weekend in Ventura, CA, with an excursion on the original SP Coast Line's entry into the Los Angeles area.

R&LHS Fort Worth Annual Meeting, 2010

The 2010 R&LHS Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, plus our trip back and forth.

Los Angeles to Kelso by Private Cars, 2010

A two-day excursion to Barstow and Kelso, mainly for the Barstow-Kelso segment

Los Angeles to Tehachapi using the Colton-Palmdale Cutoff 2011

A two-day excursion to Bakersfield over both Cajon Pass and Tehachapi pass, run by Pacific Railroad Society

Emeryville to Klamath Falls via the Inside Gateway (going) and Sacramento River Canyon (returning) 2011

A three-day excursion operated by the Central Coast Chapter through the mountains of northern California.

National Train Day in Los Angeles and R&LHS Birmingham 2012

We visit the National Train Dat festivities in Los Angeles before heading east for the R&LHS Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL.

Audio in CA, Railway Museums in IL and WI 2013

This trip was to attend the 2013 R&LHS Convention in Madison, WI. We also spent three days attending The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach, CA, and a day documenting a former SP line in Orange County.

Domes over Donner and Virginia & Truckee, 2013

We participate in a Central Coast Railroad Club excursion on private dome cars between Emeryville and Reno (and return), and a bus/train trip to the Virginia & Truckee in its extended form.

Nevada Ore Lines

The 2014 R&LHS Annual Meeting is in Ely, Nevada, with bus transportation to and from Las Vegas (tyhe former a guided trip past other historical railroad sites).

Feather River Express

A special train from Emeryville to Portola, CA, for the Feather River Railroad Museum's annual Railroad days celebration.