Thompson Junction to Thompson

From the wye with the Thicket subdivision at Thompson Junction (MP 0.0), the Thompson sub. heads northwest, single track, OCS, past the northwest switch of the wye, Fetterly (where there is an "end OCS" sign for trains headed southeast), with a highway alongside to the south, an embankment across a small stream in the boreal forest, a rocky embankment, MP 6, an embankment across a marsh, EJ Lebine, where there is a "siding" on the south side with the northeast end disconnected, aka the 1,880 ft, sidng at Heller (MP 8.4), a bridge over a culvert joining ponds on both sides, an embankment, a deck girder bridge over the Grass River, a rocky cutting, an embankment in the woods, MP 16, a dirt road grade crossing, a  double-ended spur on the north side to log piles at Melison, and a jog to the west and then northwest again, passing MP 17.

There is a 1,880 ft. north side siding at Parlee (MP 21.1), MP 26, a dirt track grade crossing, a bridge over culverts connecting lakes on both sides, MP 28, a turn to the west, the wye on the south side at Wingate (MP 29.7), a turn to the southwest, and the yard, with four stub tracks to the northwest and three separated stub tracks to the southeast, at Thompson (MP 30.5), end of the line, where there is a passenger station with wooden depot and platform to the southeast.