Hudson Bay to The Pas

From the junction with the Tisdale sub. coming from the west, at Hudson Bay (MP 0.0), where there is a passenger station, the Turnberry sub. heads just east of due north, single track, OCS, past the Erwood Spur, heading 3.5 miles south, Wachee (MP 8.8), where it turns north-northeast, the 4,580 ft. siding at Ceba (MP 17.9), Chemong (MP 27.2), and the 4,530 ft. siding at Otosquen (MP 35.2), turning northeast, passing from Saskatchewan into Manitoba, and past the 7,790 ft. siding at Turnberry (MP 50.6), Whithorn (MP 60.5), a crossing with Route 10, the 4,630 ft. siding at Westray (MP 68.3), and Freshford (MP 77.8), turning north past the start of Yard Limits at The Pas South (MP 83.4), to The Pas (MP 88.1), where there is a passenger station and an end-on junction with the Wekusko sub.