Canora to Mutchler

The Margo sub. to Humboldt, heading west, and the Assiniboine sub. to Mutchler, heading north, split at Margo Junction (MP 0.3), in Yard Limits, just west of Canora (MP 0.0), where there is a passenger station, with depot on the west side and silos on the east side, and the Yorktown sub. to Melville trails in from the south. The Assiniboine sub., single track, OCS, heads north past the end of Yard Limits at Ferrier (MP 3.5), Amsterdam (MP 7.8), the 4,200 ft. siding at Tadmore (MP 14.1), Hassan (MP 17.5), a bridge over the Assiniboine River, the wye junction with the Preeceville sub., coming from the east at Sturgis Junction (MP 21.2), where the line turns west, the 2,510 ft. siding at Sturgis (MP 22.0), and the wye junction with the Preeceville sub., heading west, at Lilian (MP 23.5).

The Assiniboine sub. turns north and then north-northwest, past the 4,040 ft. siding at Lady Lake (MP 29.5), a dirt road grade crossing, MP 31, two dirt road grade crossings, Hinchliffe (MP 32.5), where it turns north again,  into the boreal forest, MP 34, two dirt track grade crossings, MP 37, a bridge over a stream, MP 38, MP 39, a bridge over a stream, a grade crossing, a street alongside to the west in Endeavour (MP 39.7), three bridges over streams, a dirt track grade crossing, a detector at MP 43.x, MP 44, the 4,080 ft. west side siding at Usherville (MP 44.7), with a dirt road grade crossing and MP 45 within the siding, MP 46, a bridge over a stream, MP 47, Ushta (MP 49.4), a stream alongside to the east, Tall Pines (MP 53.4), MP 59, a dirt road grade crossing, MP 60, and the 4,090 ft. west side siding at Reserve (MP 63.1), where it turns north-northeast.

The line turns just east of due north, past Bertwell (MP 72.1), the 4,130 ft. siding at Clemenceau (MP 78.1), Akosane (MP 82.6), a bridge over the Red Deer River, and the junction with the Tisdale sub., coming from the west, at Mutchler (MP 92.2), where Yard Limits begin.