Cisco to Ashcroft (CP)

At Cisco (MP 100.3), the railroads exchange sides of the Fraser River, the CP moving to the east side and the CN coming to the west on an arch bridge at a much higher level then the CP, with their bridges almost above one another. There is a connection between the lines at this point. The single track, CTC, line turns east past a detector at MP 98.1, and the 7,784 ft. siding at Lytton (MP 94.9), the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers, where both lines are on the east side with the CN, at a lower level, having separate bridges over the Thompson and then the Fraser, rather than a single bridge over the Fraser to the north of the confluence. The line continues up the east bank of the Thompson River, still on a ledge well above the water, with the CN across the river all the way, initially east past Gladwin (MP 90.1), turning north-northeast past the 7,155 ft. siding at Thompson (MP 85.6), a detector at MP 81.9, and the 7,380 ft. siding at Drynoch, northeast past the 7,350 ft. siding at Spence’s Bridge (MP 72.8) to the 9,230 ft. siding at Toketic (MP 64.0), and then north past a detector at MP 60.5, the 7,100 ft. siding at Basque (MP 55.9), where both lines are on the south side of the river and there is a connection with the CN line, and Nepa (MP 54.8), where there is another connection with the CN line. Paired rail running ends at these connections.