Ennis Junction to KCS Junction (Dallas)

At the wye at Ennis Junction, (CPT T212, MP 212.9), with the northwest apex at Belt Junction, one UP line heads south-southeast, and the main line, now single track, CTC, turns northeast past a grade crossing and a road bridge overhead to SP Junction, where the third leg of the wye trails in from the south. The line gently curves to the north, past a bridge over a street at the north apex of the wye, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing (Bacon Street, MP 211.5), a bridge over a divided street, Intermediate Signals at MP 211.4, a grade crossing with a divided street, Briggs (MP 210.9), where SP's Texas & New Orleans line once crossed on the flat with connectors in the southwest and southeast quadrants (the southeast still exists, and a line heads east from it), a bridge over a river, a curve from north to north-northeast, a bridge over a river, a wooden road bridge overhead, and a bridge over a street, to KCS Junction (MP 210.3), where the eponymous railroad heads north on trackage once owned by SP, and the main line turns east onto the original Texas & Pacific right-of-way.