Spartanburg to Charlotte

The passenger station at Spartanburg (MP 452.6), where the speed limit is 79-60-50 mph, is above the CSX tunnel (where the south end of the former Clinchfield passes underneath the former Southern), with a connecting spur on the east side at Magnolia (MP 452.5). A branch from Crown Steel trails in from the north at Beaumont (MP 451.4), where a line to Columbia turns away south and the main line, now single track (speed limit 50-45 on the turnout), continues east-northeast, with speed limit 60-50, past a detector at MP 448.3, Zion Hill, Converse, Clifton, where it turns north-northeast with speed limit 55-50 for  less than a mile, and then 60-50again, Cowpens, where it turns east, a detector at MP 437.6, Thicketty (MP 437.5), where double track resumes (speed limit 50-45 on this and all other turnouts at the end of double track) and the line turns northeast, east, with speed limit 55-50, past Cherokee (MP 432.8), where it rises to 60-50 again, east northeast past Broad River (MP 427.2), where it reduces to single track and bridges over the eponymous river, a detector at MP 427.0, and Blacksburg, where the line bridges over a line south from Shelby, and a connector from the line trails in from the west on the north side of the line.

The line continues northeast, with speed limit 70-50, into North Carolina, past Grover (MP 418.7, where there is extra track and double track resumes, and speed limit 60-50 past Hudson (MP 413.6), detectors at MP 413.4, Kings Mountain, Sewell (MP 408.6), where it reduces to single track and turns curvily east, Bessemer City, a jog to the north with speed limit 50 mph and then 55-50, a detector at MP 402.6, where the speed limit is 60-50 again, Arlington (MP 402.3), where double track resumes and the line turns southeast, and then east at West Gastonia, to Gastonia (MP 399.8), where branches leave the main to the south and trail in from the north, turns northeast with speed limit briefly  55-50 as it bridges over an erstwhile CSX line, past the passenger station at Gastonia, east past Renlo (MP 396.7), east-southeast to Lowell, south-southeast, east-southeast, and south-southeast to Cramerton, east-northeast, reducing to single track at South Fork (MP 390.6), to cross the bridge over the Pee Dee River (speed limit 45 mph) and pass a detector at MP 390.3, where the speed limit is 60-50 again, turning east past South Belmont (MP 389.3), Belmont, where a CSX line once turned away north, a branch south to the Allen Power Plant on another arm of the river, bridging over that arm to North Belmont (MP 387.0), past a spur to the north and across another arm of the river to Pew Creek (MP 385.7), where double track resumes.

The line curves east-northeast, southeast past Juneau, east to Charlotte Junction (MP 380.8), where a line from Columbia trails in from the south, North Advance, and detectors at MP 378.8, northeast past North Advance (MP 379.6), where a CSX line trails in from the northwest where the Piedmont & Northern station once was, and Graham (MP 377.1, speed limit 50-40), where it turns east as a former Seaboard line from Hamlet (east) to Shelby and Bostic (west) crosses at grade (speed limit 30 mph over the crossing), and northeast (speed limit 35 mph around the curve), with the Charlotte Yard on its southeast side, past the passenger station at Charlotte (MP 376.0), where the speed limit is 60-50 to crossovers at AT&O Junction (MP 375.2), where lines from Aberdeen to the east and Winston-Salem to the north intersect the main, and the line turns east-northeast, with speed limit 70-50.