Galesburg to Streator

Since the BNSF merger, a connection has been built between the former Santa Fe and former Burlington tracks, at Cameron (MP 185.0), just west of Galesburg, to facilitate trains from the former ATSF route accessing the yards built by Burlington Northern SW of town. This connection is now used to transfer the Amtrak trains to the former Burlington line into the staffed station in Galesburg (the former ATSF station at Galesburg was not staffed in the Amtrak era), as well as to transfer freight trains between the two routes in various directions. The connection has wyes and crossovers at both ends of its short southeasterly segment, starting with signals on the main line, a crossover, a grade crossing, the west leg of the wye turns away, signals governing exit from the wye, and signals at the apexes of the wyes governing passage onto the connector in both directions.

East of Cameron, the Two Main Tracks, CTC, line, speed limit 79 mph for passenger trains and 55 mph for most freight trains, continues east-northeast past Surrey, the 6,793 ft. siding at GI (MP 180.0), curves between MP 178.1 and MP 176.7, speed limit 35-30, the depot on the south side of the line at Galesburg (MP 177.5), a curve to the east between MP 175.7 and MP 175.5, speed limit 70-65, the overhead bridge carrying the former CB&Q lines, crossovers at Yost (MP 173.7), Knox, curves back and forth between MP 170.3 and MP 167.9, speed limit 70-65, detectors at MP 168.1, a 790 ft. spur at Appleton (MP 165.7), curves between MP 166.3 and MP 161.6, speed limit 65 mph (past Dehinda), the 5,340ft. siding and crossovers at Williamsfield (MP 158.4), an 850 ft. spur at Laura (MP 153.5), the 1,100 ft. spur at Monica (MP 148.3), where an erstwhile CB&Q line once crossed on the flat, detectors at MP 146.7, and the 2,800 ft. spur at Princeville (MP 144.7), where a Rock Island line between Peoria and Rock Island once crossed on the flat.

The line bridges over a C&NW north-south line just west of the crossovers at Edelstein (MP 138.1), where it is heading east-northeast, and then turns east, descending Edelstein Hill, and then southeast and east again on Houlihan's Curve, with speed limit 55-50 on the curves between MP 136.8 and MP 132.6, and speed limit 65-60 on the curves between MP 132.1 and MP 131.6, past crossovers at West Chillicothe (MP 131.9), the depot at Chillicothe (MP 130.0), a bridge over the Iowa Interstate (former Rock Island) Peoria line, crossovers at  East Chillicothe (MP 129.1), a bridge over the Illinois River, Holton, detectors at MP 125.3, a 700 ft. spur at Wilborn (MP 120.9) as the line heads east-northeast again, a turn to the east, a former crossing with an erstwhile Chicago & Alton line, LaRose, where it turns northeast and then just north of east, Toluca (MP 109.9), where the Rutland, Toluca & Northern once crossed at grade, a 700 ft. spur at Leeds (MP 102.1), and  detectors at MP 100.2.

An erstwhile line northeast from Streator Junction on the TP&W once trailed in at Ancona (MP 95.8), where the line turns north-northeast, past CR Connection (MP 91.5), where the former New York Central line turns away east and the line turns just east of due north, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Wabash line, curves and flat crossing between MP 90.3 and MP 89.5, speed limit 35 mph, a flat crossing with a spur from the former NYC at CR Xing (MP 89.8), and a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Chicago & Alton line, to the depot on the west side of the line at Streator (MP 89.6).