Brush to Sterling

At Brush Center (MP 150.0), where the speed limit is 20 mph on the coal line, the single-track, CTC, passenger line continues east, while the coal line to Sterling and Alliance turns away to the northeast, single track, CTC, past a connector trailing in from East Brush to the south, at Brush Junction (MP 148.0), where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, a detector at MP 144.4, Old Hillrose (MP 142.4), and the 7,376 ft. siding at New Hillrose (MP 141.2), turning north at Trowel Ranch and bridging across the South Platte River to the junction with the UP line from Denver at Union (MP 138.6/81.1), where the BNSF line joins the UP for the run to Sterling, and control changes to Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals on that railroad.

The line heads north-northeast to Balzac, where it turns northeast, along the north side of the river, past the 6,910 ft. siding at Messex (MP 75.3), where the speed limit has fallen to 50 mph, Merino (MP 70.2) and Atwood (MP 64.1), and then north-northeast to the junction at Sterling (MP 57.5/115.1), where the speed limit is 20 mph on the junction, an erstwhile CB&Q line from Cheyenne once trailed in on the west side, and a former CB&Q line to Holdridge, NE, heads away east, the UP line to Julesburg turns away northeast, and the BNSF line to Alliance heads north.