Suffolk to South Norfolk

From the junction/crossing with the former Atlantic & Danville coming from the southwest and heading northeast at Suffolk (MP 22.6), the line heads east-northeast,  with Clary's Drive to the north and Railroad Avenue to the south, past an angled  grade crossing with Washington Street, two bridges over creeks, the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge,  detectors at Jericho (MP 20.0), Intermediate Signals at MP 19.3/.4, the 8,310 ft. Juniper Siding (MP 17.0), Intermediate Signals at MP 15.9/16.0, Intermediate Signals at MP 13.4/.5, a bridge over Deep Creek, a bridge carrying Galberry Road overhead, a bridge carrying I-64 overhead, Yadkin Road alongside to the north, Intermediate Signals at Yadkin (MP 11.1), detectors at Galberry (MP 10.5), a crossing with US 17 (George Washington Highway), a crossing with SR196 (Canal Drive) and a crossover at Canal Drive (MP 8.4).

There is a bridge over the Gilmerton Deep Creek Canal, a crossover at Gilmerton (MP 7.5), a grade crossing with Shell Road, US 13/460 alongside to the north, an eastbound signal at Bridge 7 (MP 6.8), a bridge over the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, a westbound signal at Bridge 7 (MP 6.5), the flat crossing with the Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line at Beltline Diamond (MP 6.4), the intersection of US 13/460 and SR 166 bridging overhead, a sweeping turn to the north-northeast, I-464 bridging overhead, an angled  grade crossing with Franklin Street, Railroad Avenue alongside to the southeast, an angled (the other way) grade crossing with Portlock Road, a crossover at West End Portlock (MP 5.3), a turn north with Portlock Yard on the east side and Thurman Street alongside to the west, and the junction with the Sewells Point (former Virginian, heading off to the north-northeast) and South Branches (the former Virginian, trailing in from the south-southwest) at South Norfolk (MP 3.5), where there was once an angled flat crossing.