Poe to Suffolk

From the junction with the Petersburg Belt Line, trailing in at a wye on the south side, at Poe (MP 77.8), the double-track line heads southeast, past Intermediate Signals at New Bohemia (MP 75.1/.2), detectors at MP 75.1, Intermediate Signals at MP 71.7/.8, crossovers at Disputante (MP 69.4), Intermediate Signals at MP 66.1/.2, Intermediate Signals at Spur Lock (MP 61.7/.8), detectors at MP 61.6, a former bridge over the erstwhile Atlantic & Danville line to Claremont Wharf on the James River, Intermediate Signals at MP 57.6/.7, Intermediate Signals at MP 54.9/55.0, Intermediate Signals at Wakefield (MP 50.9/51.0), a former bridge over the erstwhile 3-foot gauge Surry Sussex & Southampton Railway to Scotland, on the James River, detectors at MP 50.8, crossovers at 47 Crossover (MP 47.1/.2), Intermediate Signals at Ivor (MP 42.9/43.0), and detectors at Zuni (MP 40.5).

There are Intermediate Signals at Dwight (MP 39.1/.2), a crossover at Windsor (Mp 34.9/35.0), a crossover at BD Crossover (MP 32.1/.2), detectors at Myrtle (MP 30.2), Intermediate Signals at Calhoun Creek (MP 28.0/.1), a bridge over Indian Trail, a bridge carrying US 58 overhead, a bridge over the erstwhile Virginian and the CSX (former Seaboard Air Line), a turn east with the Suffolk Golf Course to the north, Intermediate Signals at Lake Kilby (MP 24.3/.4), a bridge over Lake Kilby (on the Nansemond River), crossovers at Wellon Street (MP 23.4), a grade crossing with Wellons Street, a grade crossing with Saratoga Street, Hall Avenue alongside to the south, a grade crossing with SR 32, grade crossings with Cedar Street and Commerce Street, an angled grade crossing with Washington Street, a grade crossing with County Street, and the junction/crossing with the former Atlantic & Danville coming from the southwest and heading northeast at Suffolk (MP 22.6).