Clinton to Nelson

From the six track yard on the southeast side of the line at Clinton (MP 138.9), in Yard Limits, where a joint BNSF/CP line trails in on the southeast side, the line heads northeast, Double Track, CTC (formerly current-of-traffic, left hand running, Automatic Block Signals, Automatic Train Control), speed limit 60 mph (but local speed restriction 30 mph), past the former C&NW Shops on the northwest side, a signal bridge overhead, the junction and crossing with the former Milwaukee Road, a bridge over a street, and an old brick depot on the north side, continuing northeast past a signal bridge and extra track to the north at Fifth Street (MP 137.1), where the former C&NW turns east, across the through truss bridge over the Mississippi River, from Iowa into Illinois, at MP 136.7, which has four spans, with one movable, over the first channel, two spans over the second channel, and four spans over the thrid channel, and then a deck girder section over a smaller channel.

There is a turn east-northeast at East Clinton (MP 135.9), where the local speed restriction rises to 40 mph, an erstwhile Milwaukee Road line once crossed, and an erstwhile CB&Q line once headed southeast, past a line curving away to the north, a grade crossing, a bridge over a stream,  MP 135.3, where full line speeds prevail, MP 135.0, where Yard Limits end, signals and crossovers at Frog Pond (MP 133.0), a location where an erstwhile branch from Fulton once trailed in from the west on the north side and the former CB&Q Galesburg-Savanna line passes overhead on a bridge, a bridge over an angled street, a bridge over drainage, Intermediate Signals, a grade crossing, a bridge over drainage, a turn south-southeast, a dirt road grade crossing, a dirt road alongside to the north, two bridges over streams, Intermediate Signals at MP 128.5, a grade crossing,  detectors at MP 128.1 (formerly 127.9), a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a stream,  and Union Grove (MP 127.6).

The line turns east-southeast past Intermediate Signals at MP 124.7, four grade crossings, a spur to silos on the north side, Morrison (MP 123.8), two grade crossings, a bridge over drainage, two grade crossings, a crossover at Lyndon (MP 121.0), a grade crossing, and Round Grove (MP 118.6), just north of due east, past Intermediate Signals at MP 117.1, a grade crossing, and Intermediate Signals at Agnew (MP 114.8), and east past a road bridge overhead, MP 114.0, where Yard Limits start, a crossover at Galt (MP 113.9), the west end of a yard on the south side, a bridge over a stream, detectors at MP 113.2, two grade crossings, the town of Galt (MP 113.0), a road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals, a grade crossing, a locomotive rebuilding plant on the south side, a spur to the north trailing in, Sterling Steel Company alongside to the south, a road bridge overhead, extra track to the north, a grade crossing, a bridge over a street, and Sterling (MP 109.5), east end of that yard, where there is a 50 mph speed restriction for non-TOFC freight and the line turns just north of due east.

Yard Limits end at MP 109.0, and the line passes a cantilever signal bridge, with the river to the south, and turns just south of due east, past a bridge over a street, a causeway on the middle of water, and a grade crossing, and east again, bridging over the Rock River (MP 105.6), on a five span through truss bridge,  to crossovers at NJ (MP 105.1), where a controlled siding on the south side starts, the westbound track became CTC in prior days (now continues), and there used to be a tower, a crossover at NY (MP 104.5), and the wye junction on the south side with the former C&NW line to Peoria, at Nelson (MP 104.3), where the eastbound track also became CTC (and now continues).