Oreapolis to Pacific Junction

From Oreapolis (MP 8.9), where there is a wye junction with the line south from Omaha, the speed limit is 50 mph, and the line is two Main Tracks, CTC, the line heads east, past a grade crossing just east of the east leg of the wye, a dirt road grade crossing, a detector at MP 8.6, a bridge over a stream in the woods, and Intermediate Signals at MP 6.8 at the turn, and then turns south, past extra track on the west side (a Maintenance-of-Way staging area), a signal bridge at  Plattsmouth (MP 5.0), where the 2MT drop to single track and the speed limit falls to 40 mph, and a dirt road grade crossing, with the line again below the bluffs on the west side of the Missouri River.

A sweeping turn to the east-northeast takes the line onto a bridge above a dirt road along the west bank, and then across the through truss Missouri River bridge into Iowa, with a parallel road bridge just to the south, and another dirt road below on the east side of the river, as the line heads down an embankment from the bridge, past a dirt road grade crossing. The speed limit rises to 50 mph at CP 15 (MP 1.5), and the line turns due east, past a dirt road grade crossing, dual freeway bridges overhead, a bridge over drainage, and a grade crossing, to Pacific Junction (MP 0.0), where the speed limit is 79-60 east across the former flat crossing of two ex-CB&Q lines, with still-extant connectors in all four quadrants.