Omaha to Oreapolis

East of the CB&Q passenger station at Omaha (MP 16.6), which has a platform on the south side, a road bridge overhead, an old concrete roof over the platform, an old station building on the south side, an umbrella shed over the platform, extra track on the south side of the platform, facing east, and the current depot on the south side, further east, where the speed limit is 10 mph, there is a bridge over a street, and a grade crossing at 8th & Pacific, a connector continuing east to the UP main line, and the CB&Q line turns south-southeast, past bridge 1630A over a street and bridge 1601A over a street, and then south, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 30 mph, along the west bank of the Missouri River, past a road bridge overhead,  a UP line trailing in from the north on the east side, signals, a dirt road grade crossing, a container yard on the west side, and the 6-8 track yard on the east side at Gibson (MP 15.0).

The line curves southwest past the yard, where it becomes single track, CTC, south and southeast following a bend in the river, running below the bluffs which are to the west, past a grade crossing underneath a road bridge high overhead (that also crosses the river), and then south, cutting off a bend in the river, with a sewage facility on the east side, Intermediate Signals, and a dirt road grade crossing, to come alongside the river again, past Intermediate Signals, a dirt road grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, two dirt road grade crossings, two bridges over streams, two grade crossings (with an airfield on the west side), and a bridge over drainage before the 7,325 ft. siding on the east side at Bellevue (MP 7.6), where the speed limit is 65-60, and then edging just west of south, away from the riverbank, turning west past Papio (MP 4.0), where a spur trails in on the west side, and then south-southwest, with the UP line to Oreapolis coming alongside to the west, past a bridge over drainage, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, La Platte (MP 2.0), where there are industrial spurs on the east side, and dual road bridges overhead, and turning south-southeast across the Platte River, on a through truss, deck, and two through truss bridges, to the wye junction with the coal and freight line from Ashland at Oreapolis (MP 0.0), where the speed limit is 40 mph, with the west leg of the wye and the coal/freight line crossing the UP line, alongside to the west, at grade. Passenger trains use the east leg of the wye at this point, connecting with the line east to Pacific Junction, with dual road bridges overhead within the east leg of the wye.