Ashland to Oreapolis

At Ashland (MP 35.3 on this line), where a line once trailed in from the northwest, the main line splits three ways: north along the Platte River to Fremont, northeast  to Omaha (the passenger route), and southeast, along the Platte River, to Oreapolis and Pacific Junction (the main coal and freight route).  The latter is single-track, CTC, with speed limit 50 mph, turning southeast at East Wye Ashland (MP 34.6), along the west bank of the Platte River, past the 6,558 ft. siding at South Bend (MP 27.9), where a Rock Island line once crossed at grade, and turns east, following the river, to the 6,501 ft. siding at Louisville (MP 23.1), where a MoPac line trails in from the south and once left to the north after a flat crossing, northeast, still following the river, to Cedar Creek, and east, still following the river, past a detector at MP 16.3 and the 9,955 ft. siding at Cullom, briefly right alongside the south bank of the river on a jog east-northeast, and then east again to West Wye Oreapolis (MP 9.3), where the northeast quadrant connector to the line south from Omaha turns away northeast, a flat crossing with a UP (former MoPac) line south from Omaha, and the junction with the northeast quadrant of the wye at Oreapolis (MP 8.9).