Fargo to Breckenridge

From Moorhead (MP 22.3/6.7), just across the Red River and state line from Fargo, where the speed limit is 10 mph and the ex-NP main line trails in from the west, with the line thus becoming Double Track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, with speed limit 40-35, and turns east past the crossovers at  Moorhead Junction (MP 5.8), where the former NP line used by Amtrak continues straight ahead, and former GN lines turn away north, south-southeast, and south, the latter being the main line, TWC, ABS, speed limit 40 mph, past the 5,966 ft. siding and yard at South Moorhead (MP 42.2), the end of Yard Limits at MP 38.5, Finkle, additional track at Simplot (MP 38.0), additional track at Rustad (MP 33.2), and Comstock (MP 28.1).

The line turns just east of due south, still along the east side of the Red River, past the 9,510 ft. siding at Wolverton (MP21.3), Romney, additional track for the grain elevator at Kent (MP 12.3), and additional track at Brushvale (MP 7.4), and south over a bridge over the Red River, from Minnesota into North Dakota, that is prohibited to autoracks above 20ft 2 in. and double-stacks with loads more than 11 ft. 8 in above platform, past Lehigh, the start of Yard Limits at MP 6.1, a spur to the west, a spur to the east, and the former crossing with an erstwhile Milwaukee branch, turning east at the junction with a former GN line from the west-northwest and a former NP line from the west, operated by the Red River Valley & Western, and yard and 26-car rail-served grain elevator at Wahpeton Junction (MP 0.0/216.8), where CTC starts, past an erstwhile NP line departing on the south side, another former crossing with that erstwhile Milwaukee line, another bridge over the Red River, this one from North Dakota into Minnesota, and the 16,966 ft. siding, shuttle-enabled rail-served grain elevator and yard at Breckenridge (MP 215.0).