Breckenridge to Benson

From the junction with a former GN line from the west-northwest and a former NP line from the west ,operated by the Red River Valley & Western, and yard and 26-car rail-served grain elevator at Wahpeton Junction (MP 0.0/216.8), where CTC starts, past an erstwhile NP line departing on the south side, another former crossing with that erstwhile Milwaukee line, a bridge over the Red River, this one from North Dakota into Minnesota, and the 16,966 ft. siding, shuttle-enabled rail-served grain elevator and yard at Breckenridge (MP 215.0), the former GN line turns south where an erstwhile GN line once trailed in from the north, single track, CTC, speed limit 40 mph, past a flat crossing with the rump of an erstwhile NP line east and the end of Yard Limits at MP 212.3, turning south-southeast past  the 52-car rail-served grain elevator at Doran (MP 206.9), the 13,756 ft. siding at Campbell, Yarmout, where an erstwhile GN line once trailed in from the west, and the northwest quadrant connector and flat crossing with the former Soo line at Aberdeen Line Junction (MP 195.6).

Another erstwhile GN line once headed east from Tintah (MP 192.7), and the main line continues south-southeast past a detector at MP 189.9, additional track at Charlesville (MP 187.4), the 7,174 ft. siding at Norcross (MP 181.0), Herman (MP 178.2), the 7,384 ft. siding at Donnelly (MP 165.7), a detector at MP 161.1, a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 158.0 and MP 156.3, the former junction where an erstwhile NP line once trailed in from the east, the 20,074 ft. siding, and the wye on the west side with a branch west to Beardsley, at Morris (MP 157.6), where there is a spur for a 52-car rail-served grain elevator, Hancock (MP 148.7), Clontarf (MP 138.5), the start of a 25 mph speed restriction at MP 134.3, and the 18,443 ft. siding and junction with the line from Watertown and Appleton on the south side at Benson (MP 132.3), where the line turns east-southeast.