Benson to Willmar

From the 18,443 ft. siding and junction between the line coming south-southeast from Fargo and Breckenridge and the line from Watertown and Appleton, on the south side, at Benson (MP 132.3), the line turns east-southeast, single track, CTC, speed limit 40 mph, past De Graff (MP 125.3), additional track at Coop Spur (MP 122.5), a detector at MP 121.6, a shuttle-enabled rail-served grain elevator at Murdock (MP 120.8), the 8,866 ft. siding at Kerkhoven (MP 116.3), and Pennock (MP 108.9), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start, to the crossovers and junction with the Marshall sub. from Sioux City, trailing in from the southwest where the line turns just north of due east at Willmar (MP 102.3).