BNSF I-5 Corridor

The first three route segments are listed only for completeness, since little if any BNSF I-5 Corridor traffic travels south of Barstow in trains that cover the I-5 Corridor north of Barstow.

Downtown Los Angeles

Santa Fe Fullerton Line

Cajon Pass


Most, if not all, trains operating over the BNSF I-5 Corridor originate or terminate at Barstow

Mojave to Barstow

Tehachapi Pass

Bakersfield to Stockton

Stockton to Haggin

Haggin to Binney Junction

Binney Junction to Keddie

Keddie to Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls to Chemult

Chemult to Wishram/Fallbridge


At Fallbridge, the BNSF I-5 Corridor splits, with some trains running to/from Everett, WA, via Vancouver, WA, some running only to/from Vancouver, WA,  and others running to/from Pasco, WA.

Wishram to Pasco

Wishram to Vancouver (WA)

Portland to Vancouver (WA)

Vancouver (WA) to Auburn

Auburn to Seattle

Seattle to Everett