Walsenburg to Pueblo (UP)

From the junction with the UP (former Rio Grande) Walsenburg sub., coming from La Veta Pass to the southwest, operated jointly with the BNSF north of here as Two Main Tracks, TWC (the BNSF track is Track 2), at Walsenburg (MP 171.6), where the ABS are in abeyance and the speed limit is 20 mph.

The line turns just west of due north at Walsenburg Junction, where the Rio Grande line once continued northeast, northeast at Sandy, north, northwest, north-northeast past detectors at MP 155.6, where the speed limit has risen to 49 mph, crossovers and a spur at Lascar (MP 154.7), where there was once a crossing with the erstwhile original Rio Grande right-of-way, northeast past Mustang, where there was once a connector northwest to that erstwhile r-o-w, north, northeast, east, just east of due north past crossovers and a spur at Cedarwood (MP 143.5), curvily north past Brooks, Marnel, and Sonora, and north, with the original Rio Grande r-o-w just to the west, past a detector on Track 2 at MP 129.2, Zinc Junction, where there was once an acute angled crossing with that original Rio Grande r-o-w, crossovers at Southern Junction (MP 124.5/123.4), where the speed limit has dropped to 20 mph as the former C&S line separates, on the east side, from the former Rio Grande line of the double track.

The latter continues north, in Yard Limits, speed limit 20 mph, past the Colorado Fuel & Iron (CF&I) Rail Mill on the west side of the line, the junction with the Colorado & Wyoming line trailing in from the Rail Mill to the south-southwest and then heading for the CF&I Steel Plant to the north-northeast, at Minnequa (MP 121.9), where there is a yard, South Pueblo, where an erstwhile Rio Grande line once headed west along the Arkansas River, and today's line turn northeast and then just west of due north, bridging over the Arkansas River to the more westerly of the wyes at Pueblo (MP 119.4), where the connector from Pueblo Junction trails in from the east and the line to both the Royal Gorge Route and the northbound track of the Colorado Joint Line heads just west of due north to Pueblo Union Depot.