Quanah to Amarillo

From the wye junction with the former Frisco on the north side at Quanah (MP 192.1), with extra track on the south side, a dirt road grade crossing at Stamp Street and a grade crossing at Main Street, the Two Main Tracks, CTC, line, speed limit 60 mph, heads west-northwest, past Acme (MP 196.7), where the line reverts to single track, CTC, with speed limit 35 mph at that location, the erstwhile Quanah, Acme & Pacific once crossed on the flat and headed west-southwest, with an erstwhile QA&P branch line heading north to Salina (including a still-extant spur to Georgia Pacific), and an erstwhile QA&P branch north to Sandy, the 6,232 ft. siding at Goodlett (MP 200.5), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, a detector at MP 207.8, the 9,855 ft. siding at Kirkland, and the 12,204 ft. siding at Childress (MP 220.2), where the speed limit is 40 mph and an erstwhile FW&D branch once headed north.

There is a detector at MP 224.5, where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, and the line turns just west of due north, past the 7,277 ft. siding at Carey (MP 227.8), northwest past the 7,105 ft. siding at Estelline (MP 237.7), where Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals has replaced the CTC, after which the line alternates dark territory (no signals), TWC, and thus a speed limit of 49 mph, in between the sidings, with CTC at the sidings (only), past Plains Junction, where an erstwhile FW&D line once headed west to Plainview, and the line turns north, bridging over the Red River into the Texas Panhandle, northwest past Newlin, north past a detector at MP 243.6 and Salisbury, north-northwest past the 7,311 ft. siding at Memphis (MP 251.9), north to Giles, west-northwest and then northwest past the 9,165 ft. siding at Hedley (MP 263.1) to Rowe, curvily west-northwest past Lelia Lake, a detector at MP 273.2, the 7,936 ft. siding at Clarendon (MP 275.7), Southard, and the 7,302 ft. siding at Ashtola (MP 288.6).

The line turns west past Goodnight and a detector at MP 294.0, and north-northwest and then west-northwest past the 7,352 ft. siding at Malden (MP 304.5), Claude (MP 307.9), a detector at MP 309.5, and the 7,316 ft. siding at Kasota (MP 317.7), splitting into two as Two Main Tracks, Restricted Limits, with one line (former Rock Island) curving away northwest past BC Junction (MP 332.6), where the connector to the former Santa Fe Boise City sub. to Las Animas Junction departs on the north side, and then turns away north as the former Rock Island turns west-southwest, along the south side of the former Santa Fe Transcon, and formerly turned just north of due west, across a former flat crossing with the Transcon, with connectors in the north and south quadrants (now replaced by the arrangements at West Tower), and the second continues ahead, with the first one returning on the north side and now joins with the Transcon at East Tower (Transcon MP 552.2), using the crossovers at West Tower (Transcon MP 552.7) to reach the north side, where it departs again as the (former Fort Worth & Denver) Dalhart sub. to Trinidad, CO, Two Main Tracks, CTC, with a connector from the Transcon to the west trailing in on the south side at Maywood, before reaching Amarillo (MP 335.7).