La Junta to Pueblo

From the west end of La Junta (MP 554.9), where the single track former Santa Fe Northern/Passenger Transcon east leg of a wye heads away southwest, the west leg of a wye trails in from the southeast, the two tracks of the line to Pueblo head away west-northwest, along the Arkansas River valley, reducing to single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 55 mph at the west end of the La Junta yard on the north side of the line, past Swink (MP 559.8), where an erstwhile Santa Fe line once headed away north across the river, Newdale (MP 562.6), where an erstwhile branch to Hawley once headed away southwest, the 5,000 ft. siding at Rocky Ford (MP 565.6), where the speed limit is 40 mph and an erstwhile Santa Fe line along the north side of the Arkansas River once trailed in from the east-northeast, Fayette, a detector at MP 570.7, where the speed limit is back to 55 mph, the 4,100 ft. siding at Vroman (MP 571.0), the 5,400 ft. siding at Manzanola (MP 574.5), Elder, Fowler (MP 583.1), Hamlet (MP 587.5), Nepesta, where it turns northwest, and a bridge over the Arkansas River.

The former MoPac line from Kansas City, now truncated in Kansas, trails in from the east-southeast (i.e., on the north side), at  NA Junction (MP 591.6, where CTC starts, there is a short spur to the west-northwest, and the MoPac line once crossed and continued from that spur on the south side of the former Santa Fe line, a detector at MP 595.1, where the line turns just north of due west, still following the river, Boone (MP 598.6), where the speed limit is 40 mph, the 7,500 ft. siding at Avondale (MP 603.6), where the speed limit is back to 55 mph and a spur from the Pueblo Ordnance Depot and the AAR (USDOT) High Speed Ground Transportation Test Center trails in from the north, Nyburg, Devine (MP 609.6), additional track at Target Stores (MP 610.4), additional track at Duane's Products (MP 610.6), additional track at Pueblo Air Base (MP 610.7), the 7,500 ft. siding at Baxter (MP 610.9), the Baxter Beet Track, and additional track at Economy Building Spur (MP 615.1), turning just south of due west pasta former Colorado & Southern spur on the north side to a gravel pit, to the junction with the former Colorado & Southern line from the south (which once crossed to follow the line of that spur), the southbound line of the Colorado Joint Line from the north, and the line west into Pueblo, at the wye at Pueblo Junction (MP 617.7).