Amarillo to Trinidad

From West Tower (Transcon MP 552.7) the line departs from the north side of the former Santa Fe Transcon as the (former Fort Worth & Denver) Dalhart sub. to Trinidad, CO, Two Main Tracks, CTC, with a connector from the Transcon to the west trailing in on the south side at Maywood, before reaching Amarillo (MP 335.7) and North Yard, where the speed limit is 35 mph, continuing just north of due west, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 49 mph, past the west end of the yard (and of the former Rock Island Amarillo Yard, trailing in on the north side, where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Rock Island line headed further west), a turn curvily northwest, Cliffside, a turn west-southwest, the 8,712 ft. siding at Gentry (MP 347.3), a turn north and then curvily north-northwest, the 7,100 ft. siding at Boden (MP 359.2) and Ady, and turning curvily west along the south side of the Canadian River valley at a detector at MP 365.1.

The line turns west-northwest, following the river, past the 7,486 ft. siding at Tascosa (MP 371.7), north-northwest past a bridge over the river and Boys Ranch, northwest and then just east of due north past Murdo and the 7,595 ft. siding at Channing (MP 388.1), just west of due north past Duncan, a detector at MP 393.0, the 7,305 ft. siding at Hartley (MP 403.7), a detector at MP 406.0, and Twist, and northwest past the flat crossing with the UP (former Rock Island) Golden State Route at UP Crossing (MP 417.5), where there are connectors in the east and north quadrants, the line is briefly CTC, and the speed limit is 20 mph on the flat crossing, the 7,900 ft. siding at Dalhart (MP 417.6), end of the north quadrant connector, where the speed limit rises to 60 mph, a detector at MP 422.0, where the line is back to TWC, ABS, Matlock, Ware (MP 431.5), the 8,172 ft. siding at Guy (MP 434.5), a detector at MP 438.8, Perico (MP 441.6), Corlena, Texline (MP 452.9), where the speed limit drops to 25 mph, and Sixela (MP 454.2/347.2), where the former ownership changes from FW&D to Colorado & Southern and the speed limit rises to 50 mph, on the border between Texas and New Mexico, where the line turns west-northwest.

There is a turn to just west of due north past Clayton (MP 338.0), a turn to just north of due west past the 8,955 ft. siding at Royce (MP 330.4), a turn northwest past Mount Dore, where an erstwhile Santa Fe line headed west-southwest to Farley, a detector at MP 319.0, and the 8,627 ft. siding at Grenville (MP 315.6), a turn west and then north to Grenville (old), a turn curvily northwest past Staunton to the 8,363 ft. siding at Grande (MP 300.1), a turn curvily north-northwest past the 7,349 ft. siding at Des Moines (MP 292.5), where an erstwhile Santa Fe line to Dillon once headed west, the speed limit has fallen to 40 mph and CTC replaces the TWC, ABS, High Plains Summit (el. 6,693 ft.), a detector at MP 290.1, a turn west, a turn just east of due north, a detector at MP 287.8, a turn west, Twin Mountain (MP 286.9), where the speed limit has fallen to 35 mph for the descent of Trinchera Pass, a turn south, and the "Twin Mountain Horseshoe" turning clockwise until the line is headed north, the 7,323 ft. siding at Folsom (MP 284.5).

The line turns west to the "Folsom Horseshoe", where it turns clockwise back to just north of due east, then northeast past a detector at MP 282.1, curvily just west of due north past a detector at MP 278.5, east, north-northwest past a detector at MP 275.0 to th "Oak Canyon Horseshoe", clockwise back to the south-southeast, curvily east past the 7,587 ft. siding at Alps (MP 272.3), just west of due north past "Trinchera Pass" and a detector at MP 269.3, west, curvily north-northeast past a detector at MP 267.0, east to Emery Gap, north past the border between New Mexico and Colorado, west-northwest to the 8,099 ft. siding at Branson (MP 263.1), just south of due west, north past a detector at MP 260.5, west, north-northwest past Watervale, west, north, curvily west, north past a detector at MP 254.6, southwest, west past the 8,527 ft. siding at Trinchere (MP 251.0), north, curvily west past a detector at MP 248.5, northwest to Nob, curvily west past a detector at MP 245.1, north, south-southwest past a detector at MP 241.9, curvily north past Abeyta and a detector at MP 238.0, curvily west and curvily northwest past the 7,888 ft. siding at Barela (MP 235.2).

There is a detector at MP 232.1, a turn curvily west, Garcia, a turn to the north, a turn curvily west past a detector at MP 227.5, a turn curvily north and then just west of due north past the 8,126 ft. siding at Beshoar (MP 220.2), a turn curvily southwest past a detector at MP 217.5 and East Trinidad (MP 213.9), where a shortcut swings away northwest to bridge over the former Santa Fe passenger line to West Trinidad, , a turn south-southwest and then southwest again, a clockwise horseshoe back to the northeast, and the 7,500 ft. siding (once a yard) at Trinidad (MP 208.3).