Amarillo to Las Animas Junction

From BC Junction (MP 0.0), where the line curves away on the north side of the Red River Valley sub. (Track 1), the line turns north, single track, CTC, Restricted Limits, speed limit 20 mph and passes beneath a bridge carrying the former Santa Fe Transcon overhead, to Dumas Junction (MP 1.0), where a north-to-east connector from the Transcon. trails in on the east side, a north-to-west connector from the Transcon trails in on the west side (with spurs off it to DeBruce Grain, Garvey Elevator and Continental Grain), and the line turns north-northeast, dark territory (unsignaled), Track Warrant Control, past a bridge carrying Amarillo Boulevard overhead, the location of an erstwhile Rock Island line that once headed northeast, and a spur to the east at ASARCO Spru Junction (also to the Southwest Public Service Harrington Power Plant, as well as the ASARCO Copper Refinery).

The line turns north-northwest, north, north-northwest, north, just east of due north past the 8,300 ft. siding at Juilliard (MP 8.2), northwest past a detector at MP 13.6, where the speed limit has risen to 49 mph (maximum in dark territory), north past the 3,241 ft. siding at Puente (MP 18.8) and a bridge over the Canadian River, very curvily just west of due north, north-northeast past Marsh (MP 27.2), where the speed limit is 25 mph, curvily north, north-northwest past a detector at MP 28.1, where the speed limit is back to 49 mph and Exell (MP 34.6), north past Bautista (MP 41.3), northeast and north again past Dumas (MP 52.1), a detector at MP 54.2, Dumas Cattle Feeders, Farmers Grain Company, a spur trailing in on the east side at Machovec Industrial Spur (MP 57.8), the 7,920 ft. siding at Machovec (MP 58.3), additional track at Triangle Grain Company (MP 61.9), and the wye junction with the Texas Northwestern heading east at Etter (MP 64.0), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Rock Island line west to Dalhart.

There is a detector at MP 69.6, Lautz (MP 75.1), additional track at James R Lovell (MP 82.8), a turn to the northwest, the flat crossing with the UP (former Rock Island) Golden State Route, with west connector, at UP Crossing (MP 85.5), with speed limit 30 mph on the crossing, the 3,168 ft. siding at Stratford (MP 85.7), where that connector trails in on the west side and the speed limit reverts to 49 mph, Mallett, a detector at MP 93.2, the 8,200 ft. siding at Kerrick (MP 100.1), adjacent to the border between the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, a turn north-northwest, Conrad (MP 111.0), a turn west and then northwest again, the wye junction with the former Santa Fe line from Dodge City now operated by the Cimarron Valley Railroad, where the line turns west-southwest, and the 7,100 ft. siding at Boise City (MP 122.6), where the 4.4 miles spur at West CV Industrial Spur (MP 122.6) heads away.

The line makes a sharp turn back to the north, where the former Santa Fe line to Felt continues west-southwest, and passes a detector at MP 125.8, Castaneda (MP 135.3), the border between Oklahoma and Colorado, a turn west-northwest and back north again, the 7,450 ft. siding at Campo (MP 151.6), a detector at MP 155.2, Bisonte (MP 162.5), the 7,700 ft. siding at South Junction Siding (MP 170.2), and the wye junction with another former  Santa Fe line from Dodge City at South Junction (MP 172.6), where the line turns west and the speed limit drops to 25 mph, the 4.0 mile spur at Manter Industrial Spur (MP 172.6), Springfield (MP 173.1), where the line turns west-northwest, the junction with the CVR west to Pritchett, at North Junction (MP 174.4), where the line turns northwest, a detector at MP 176.7, where the speed limit is back to 49 mph, a turn west past Harboro (MP 186.0), north-northwest to the 7,700 ft. siding at Frick (MP 196.6), west, north-northwest, northwest, and north past Ruxton (MP 212.9), north-northwest past a detector at MP 214.3, north to Gilpin (MP 326.6), north-northwest and then north-northeast into the valley of the Arkansas River.

At Las Animas Junction (MP 235.5), the line from Boise City, OK, and Amarillo, TX, now one of the directions (southbound) of the BNSF Coal Line between Wyoming and Texas, trails (30 mph on the junction) into the south side of the ex-ATSF Northern/Passenger Transcon from the east, heading west to La Junta, single track, CTC.