Pueblo to Bragdon (Northbound)

At Pueblo Junction, at an altitude of 4,695 ft. the former BN (Colorado & Southern) line (BNSF's Spanish Peaks subdivision) from the south trails in, via its junction with the UP Tennessee Pass line from the west at South Pueblo, at MP 118.2, west apex of the wye on the southeast side of the line, and the ex-Santa Fe line from La Junta comes in from the east via that wye, at the north apex (MP 118.0), where  the former Rio Grande line curves north, CTC, speed limit 45 mph, run as Two Main Tracks with Track 1 going the other way out of Pueblo, with Track 2, used in a generally northward direction (but actually signaled for bidirectional travel, hence the 2MT), passing Fuego (MP 116.8), north of which the speed limit rises to 50 mph, Tapp (MP 109.7), where there is a crossover to Track 1, and Bragdon (MP 108.2), where Track 1 comes alongside to the west, to the crossover from Track 1 at North Bragdon (MP 107.9), where Double Track, directional running, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals replaces the 2MT, CTC.