Crews to Palmer Lake

From the end of double track at Crews (MP 84.4), where the speed limit is 45 mph, the single track, CTC, former Santa Fe line continues north-northwest, past a detector at MP 81.1, an industrial lead for Drenan & Columbine (MP 79.6), the 5,400 ft. siding at Kelker (MP 78.8), where the speed limit is 40 mph, a spur from Fort Carson trails in on the west side and the line's history changes from Santa Fe to Rio Grande, a turn northwest and then west, South Colorado Springs (MP 76.4), where the speed limit drops to 30 mph and a 20,600 ft. east side siding starts, a sweeping curve to the north with the location of the former Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway shops and yard on the west side, then a spur for the Drake Power Plant on the west side, a crossover from that east side siding at Cimarron (MP 75.4), the location of a former flat crossing with the erstwhile Colorado Midland Railway, a wye with the Manitow Branch on the west side at MP 75.1, a crossover to that siding at Colorado Springs (MP 74.9), where the former depot on the east side of the line is now a restaurant and the speed limit rises to 45 mph, the crossover from the siding at Bijou (MP 74.4), and the end of the siding at North Colorado Springs (MP 72.3).

The Rock Island once left on the east side at a wye at Roswell, and the line continues north past a spur trailing in on the west side at Russina (MP 70.7), a detector at MP 70.3, Pikeview, Woodman, the ascent past the US Air Force Academy (mostly on the west side), a detector at MP 68.8, the Air Force Spur trailing in on the east side, the 7,200 ft, east side siding at Academy (MP 65.3), Stadium (MP 63.3), Hulsted, a detector at MP 62.3, a detector at MP 60.4, where the speed limit has fallen to 25 mph, the 6,900 ft. east side siding at Monument (MP 57.2), Wood (MP 56.2), where the line becomes very curvy and turns north-northeast, north-northwest, west-southwest, a detector at MP 54.2, northwest, west, north and northeast to the Palmer Lake summit (MP 52.0, 2000 feet up from Denver, 7,237 feet above sea level), where there is a spur and double track, TWC, ABS starts again.