Bragdon to Crews (Southbound)

From Bragdon (MP 108.6), where there is a crossover from Track 2, a 5,300 ft. siding on the east side, Track 2 comes alongside to the east, and there is a crossover to Track 2 at North Bragdon, Double Track, directional running, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals replaces the 2MT, CTC, with Track 1, the former Santa Fe line, set up for southbound running, heads north, with speed limit 55 mph, past a detector at MP 108.2, Pinon (MP 107.2), a turn north-northwest, a detector at MP 103.4, Henkel (MP 100.8), a detector at MP 98.1, crossovers with Track 2 at Buttes (MP 95.5), after which the tracks separate, a detector at MP 92.3, a bridge carrying the spur west to the Ray Nixon Power Plant, the junction with that spur, on the east side, at Nixon (MP 91.2), where the speed limit is 45 mph and the line turns north, the crossover to Track 2 at Fountain (MP 87.9), where the speed limit is 55 mph again as Track 2 comes back alongside to the east and the line turns north-northwest again, and the end of double track at Crews (MP 84.4), where the speed limit is 45 mph.