Bragdon to Crews (Northbound)

From North Bragdon (MP 107.9), where there is a crossover from Track 1 just to the west, Track 2 heads just east of due north, Double Track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 50 mph, past a detector at MP 106.6, a detector at MP 104.8, Pinon (MP 104.7), Dawkins, where it turns just west of due north, a detector at MP 102.4, a detector at MP 100.2, a detector at MP 98.2, Henkel, Wigwam (MP 96.1), a detector at MP 95.6, crossovers from/to Track 1, to the west, trailing in and then heading away at Buttes (MP 95.3), a turn north, away from Track 1, Little Buttes, South Nixon (MP 94.4), where CTC replaces TWC, ABS, North Nixon (MP 94.0), where TWC, ABS, replace CTC, a detector at MP 93.2, Hall, a detector at MP 91.4, a spur heading away north-northeast (on the erstwhile route of the Colorado & Southern), a turn just west of due north, a detector at MP 89.2, back alongside Track 1, a crossover from Track 1 trailing in at Fountain (MP 87.9), a detector at MP 87.6, a detector at MP 86.1, and the end of double track at Crews (MP 84.4), where the speed limit is 45 mph and single track, CTC, starts.