Griffith to La Crosse

From the junctions and flat crossings with the Erie, from the northwest and southeast, Grand Trunk, from the west-northwest and east-southeast, Michigan Central, from the west-southwest and east-northeast, and EJ&E, from the west-southwest, north and east, at Griffith (MP 92.8), where the C&O line begins and there is a 181-car siding, the single track line, Rule 271, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger and time freight trains, and 40 mph for other freight trains, but 20/15 entering and leaving sidings, heads east-southeast (south of the Grand Trunk line), past the 83-car siding at Merrillville (MP 87.8) and a grade crossing at SR 53, the 85-car siding at Beatrice (MP 79.1), the 89-car siding at Malden (MP 70.0), and the 72-car siding at Wade (MP 62.5), to the 130-car siding at La Crosse (MP 61.6), where there is a flat crossing with the Monon's Michigan City line, a flat crossing with a C&EI line and junction with the Pere Marquette line from Wellsboro, and the C&O line turns south-southeast, with the PRR Panhandle line alongside to the south.