CP Bloom to Union Junction (Pittsburgh)

At the crossovers at CP Bloom (MP 351.6), with the busway on the south side, the connecting track to the former B&O line (used by Amtrak's Capitol Limited) departs on the northeast side of the double track main line, which then turns east, with speed limit 50-30 mph, past a road bridge overhead, a sharp curve, and a road bridge overhead to bridge over that line, past Intermediate Signals at MP 350.x, a road bridge overhead, detectors at Shadyside (MP 350.3), where it turns east-northeast, a road bridge overhead, East Liberty, where it turns east again (with speed limit 35 mph on the curve), dual road bridges overhead, and a bridge over a street. The busway rises up and crosses overhead to the north side, and the line passes a bridge over a street,  crossovers at CP Home (MP 347.8), where the Brilliant Branch once headed north at a wye and a track still does curve away, the speed limit rises to 60-35, and the line starts a long curve past a bridge over a street, and around to the south at Wilkinsburg (MP 346.5), where there is an old depot on the far side of the busway to the north and a street alongside to the south, detectors at MP 346.2, a bridge over a street, Swissvale, a bridge over a freeway far below, a road bridge overhead, and roads alongside to both north and south, and then curving southeast, past Intermediate Signals at MP 345.x, MP 345, where the speed limit drops to 35 mph, detectors at "Braddock" (MP 343.7), a spur trailing in on the south side, a bridge over a street, a road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals at MP 342.x, and Braddock steelworks on the south side, and then turning northeast past a grade crossing, the Union Railroad bridging overhead, and two road bridges overhead, to Union Junction, where the Mon Line tracks trail in from the southwest and come alongside, right beneath the magnificent arch of the Westinghouse Avenue concrete road bridge.

Most former-Conrail freights through Pittsburgh do not run through the former Pennsylvania station, but bypass the city to the south and west by means of the Mon Line. This leaves the main line at Island Avenue, via the Ohio Connecting bridge,  to the west side of the Ohio River, which becomes the Monongahela River past downtown, somewhat uphill from the CSX line along the river,  then crosses back to the east side just east of the steel mills at Braddock.