Rocky Mount to Contentnea

From South Rocky Mount (MP 121.2), the double-track, CTC, line continues south-southwest, with overall speed limits are 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for intermodal trains, and 60 mph for all other trains, past two grade crossings in town, a street alongside to the east, a street alongside to the west, Sharpsburg,  where passenger trains are limited to 70 mph from MP 124.4 to MP 125.4, a grade crossing, a track trailing in on the east side, Intermediate Signals at North Elm City and detectors at MP 128.2, with collocated dual road bridges overhead, four grade crossings in town, a road bridge overhead, MP 129, a grade crossing, and an old brick depot on the west side at Elm City (MP 129.4).

There are signals and crossovers at South Elm City, a grade crossing, MP 132, an angled grade crossing, a spur trailing in from a rail-served petrochemical facility on the east side, signals, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, three grade crossings in town, Railroad Avenue East alongside to the east, Wilson (MP 135.7), with a speed limit of 50 mph between MP 135.1 and MP 136.9 by city ordinance, where there is an Amtrak station (brick depot and platform with umbrella shed on the west side) a closed Montrose Companies factory on the east side, and a connector on the west side, south of that station, to the NS line between Raleigh and Greenville, two grade crossings in town, extra track on the east side to industry in the northeast quadrant of the flat crossing with the NS line, at MP 136.5, with a double connector in the west quadrant, and a road bridge overhead.

There are signals south of the flat crossing, a bridge over a divided street, a spur trailing in from silos on the west side, a grade crossing, a spur from a petrochemical facility trailing in on the east side, and yard tracks at Contentnea (MP 138.9), where there is a speed limit of 60 mph between MP 138.9 and MP 139.3, a spur trailing in on the east side, signal bridges, crossovers, a bridge over a river, and a line heading south to Goldsboro south of the crossovers, and the main line turns southwest.