AY Tower to Centralia

At AY (MP 1.7 on the former RF&P, the former location of a tower), the main double-track, CTC, former ACL "West Line" turns southwest and the lines (at least three tracks wide) into the center of Richmond continue south-southeast. Overall speed limits are 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for intermodal trains, and 60 mph for all other trains. On the ex-RF&P tracks between AY and James River (bridge) Pier 5 (MP 0.0 on both RF&P and ACL), speed is restricted to 40 mph for all trains, rising to 50 mph on the first 0.1 miles at the south end of the bridge.

When the ACL route was moved to this line from its former routing through downtown Richmond (where teh RF&P gave way to the ACL), a new Richmond Station was built on Broad Street at 21st Street. The depot (it still reamins) was on the north side of Broad Street, and the tracks serving it, formed a ballon track from the east apex of the wye at AY, with all passenger trains heading east through the Broad Street station platforms, allowing all passenger facilities to be towards the west end of the platforms and all locomotive and head-end facilities to be towards the east end. East of the platforms, the tracks came back together and made an anti-clockwise horseshoe, back towards teh west, also connecting to the east apex of the wye at AY. 

The ex-RF&P line south passes Intermediate Signals at "West Airway", a road bridge overhead just south of AY, an old depot located on the west side south of AY, a road bridge overhead, after which the line runs down the middle of a highway, a road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals at "Douglas", and a highway exit ramp overhead, turns south about halfway between AY and the river bridge, bridges over a divided highway, and turns southwest just north of the river, crossing above the former C&O main freight line on the north bank of the river, crossing the James River, and then crossing above the former Southern on the south bank of the river as the (now former ACL) main line turns south, with full speed limits, past a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, and crossovers at Meadow (MP 1.0 on the former ACL), where the main line turns south-southeast and an erstwhile ACL line once headed southeast to South Richmond. Between MP 1.2 and MP 1.4, the speed limit is 60 mph for all trains.

The line passes a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals and detectors at MP 3.0, a grade crossing, and two road bridges overhead. At the signals and crossovers at FA (MP 5.6), where the speed limit is 60 mph for all trains through the curve and junction, the line turns south as a line from South Richmond trails in from the north (i.e on the east side), past a grade crossing, a bridge over a river, and two road bridges overhead. At Drewry's Bluff, tracks once began on the east side serving a Department of Defense Supply Center, which is still there but no longer rail-served from this direction. There are Intermediate Signals at Quartermaster, adjacent to the Defense Supply center. These tracks ended by trailing into the track that once headed east from the signals at Bell Bluff (MP 8.7), while the main line passes dual road bridges overhead two grade crossings, a bridge over a stream, and a road bridge overhead. At Centralia (MP 10.7), there are crossovers and the post-SCL connection from the former SAL "East Line" from Bellwood trails in on the east side of the line.