Lyndale Junction to Minneapolis Junction

From the junction with the Monticello sub. from the west (i.e., on the north side) at Lyndale Junction (MP 12.4), the line continues east-northeast, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 25 mph, past Holden Street (MP 11.7), where an erstwhile interurban line once crossed, 1st Street North (MP 10.8), where the connector into the erstwhile Great Northern Station in Minneapolis once left on the south side, a bridge over the former location of the erstwhile line north from that station and over the Mississippi River, a former crossing with an erstwhile interurban, and Harrison Street (MP 9.7), the south apex of the wye with the Midway sub. at Minneapolis Junction (MP 9.5), where CTC starts, the speed limit rises to 30 mph, Northtown Yard is to the north-northwest and St. Anthony is to the south-southeast.