Wayne Junction to CP-Newtown Junction

From the station at Wayne Junction (MP 5.2), with a connection to the Chestnut Hill line on the north side of the shops, a low-level island platform on the west side (with the Chestnut Hill line on its west side, and two additional tracks west of that), and a high-level island platform to the east, at the north end of which the Chestnut Hill East line splits away from the main line on the north/'west' side, the double track main line turns northeast, past a road bridge overhead, crossovers at Logan (MP 5.9), two bridges over streets, with a single extra track to the east/south, on a formation for two tracks, climbing up from a lower level, to CP-Newtown Junction (MP 6.2), where there is a connector over to that other track and then two separate tracks, the SEPTA Fox Chase Line to the north and the former Conrail Trenton Line, to the south, head away east, while the double track main line continues northeast.