Phil to Philadelphia International Airport

At Phil, there is a Tower on the south side of the NEC, with a bridge from the Hi-Line that descends on the south side. South of the crossovers at Arsenal (MP 2.7), where the SEPTA West Chester Line heads away from the high-level tracks on the west side, a set of high-level tracks from the high-level station trails in on the west side of the NEC tracks from the low-level station, with the former High-Line freight route splitting, with one leg  trailing in between them and one crossing overhead to the south side and trailing in there. The main line turns south-southeast, with four Northeast Corridor tracks and two SEPTA tracks on the north side, speed limits 70-50 on the two through NEC tracks (45-40 on the most northerly track) as far as MP 3, where passenger speeds rise to 100 mph (60 mph on the most northerly track), around a bend in the Schuylkill River, alongside to the south, past a bridge over a street below, a wye on the southeast side with a freight line across the river, and turns southeast, under the bridge carrying the former B&O (now CSX) line overhead, past extra track on the north side, two road bridges overhead, a bridge over a street, two additional electrified tracks on the north/west side connecting in, a signal bridge, and multiple crossovers at CP Phil (MP 3.6), where the SEPTA line to the Philadelphia Airport departs at a "flying junction", with a through truss bridge from the south side to the north side of the NEC (part of the former freight junction?) and the one SEPTA track leaving on the northwest side, past two road bridges overhead, and climbing up onto a single track flyover to head south towards the airport, descending on the south side of the NEC, with a track trailing in from the east (what would have been the other connector of a real flying junction), a road bridge overhead, an erstwhile spur trailing in from the northeast, the resumption of double track, and a road bridge overhead.

The double track, CTC, AC overhead-electrified line turns south and then southwest, and passes Elmwood Avenue (MP 4.2), where there is an escape track, the interlocking [is this the resumption of double track?] at 60th Street North (MP 4.4), A Tower (MP 4.5), which controls the line, the interlocking at 60th Street South (MP 4.8), where there is a connection to the Conrail Chester Secondary Track (former Reading) on the south/east side, a road bridge overhead, a street to the south/east, the passenger station with two side platforms at Eastwick, crossovers at 83rd Street, a park to the west/north, the interlocking at 90th Street South (MP 7.7) where there is another connection to the Conrail Chester Secondary Track, here a single track on the north/west side leading to a single track line below, to the west, an elevated bridge over I-95, a turn to the south on viaduct, a continuing turn to the northeast, crossovers at Airport Junction (MP 8.8), the passenger station at Airport Terminal A-B (MP 9.1), with a north side and island platform, both serving the north side track, where two stops are required, the passenger station at Airport Terminal C-D (MP 9.3), arranged just like that at A-B,  and the passenger station at Airport Terminal E (MP 9.4), also arranged the same way, where the tracks and platforms are below the terminal levels, and the terminals are to the south, connected into them by covered footbridges, in all cases.