CP-Newtown Junction to Carmel

From CP-Newtown Junction (MP 6.2), where two separate tracks,  the former Conrail Trenton Line, to the south and the SEPTA Fox Chase Line to the north, the latter with AC overhead electrification, head away east, the main double track line continues northeast, also with AC overhead electrification, past four bridges over streets, Taylor, where there is extra track on the east side and a former Reading line from 3rd Street once trailed in from the south (i.e., on the east side), and the line turns north, past subway facilities on the west side, subway tracks to the west, the station at  Fern Rock (MP 7.0), with a west-side platform and east-side island platform, with footbridge overhead connecting to the Broad Street Subway's terminal just to the west, crossovers at Tabor Junction (MP 7.1), with extra track to the east, two bridges over streets, a road bridge overhead, a rocky cutting, a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a street, a street to the east, and the station at Melrose Park (MP 8.4), with two high-level sid platforms, space for an extra track in the center, and the old low-level platforms just to the north.

There are two bridges over streets, housing backing up to the line, a pedestrian bridge overhead, a road bridge overhead, the station at Elkins Park (MP 9.2), with two low-level side platforms and brick depot to the west, a bridge over a street, a rock face on the west side, a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, signals and crossovers, a road bridge overhead, and the station at Jenkintown-Wyncote (MP 10.7), with two low-level side platforms and a wooden depot to the west, and a tower at the north end of the west platform, turning northwest past a grade crossing to a factory on the east side, and a bridge over drainage, the wye to the double track West Trenton line on the east side, with a grade crossing within the wye, past a grade crossing, a bridge over a street, crossovers at Jenkin (MP 10.8), where there once was a 1,360 ft. siding, a bridge over a street at the south end of the station at Glenside (MP 11.9), with two low-level side platforms and a brick depot to the west, where there are signals north of the station and a 1,750 ft. west side siding continuing past the junction, to the junction at Carmel (MP 12.1), where the Warminster Line turns northeast and the main line continues northwest.