52nd Street to Manayunk

From Valley (MP 4.0), where the SEPTA Ivy Ridge line rises up on a stone viaduct, past a disused station on the viaduct, and  departs to the north of the Main Line on a flyover from the second southernmost track with a through bowstring truss bridge crossing two mainline tracks and the yard lead, on the north side, to the SEPTA Ivy Ridge maintenance facility on the west side of the departing line, with a track from the north side of the main line running under the bridge and rising on the west side of the branch line, past a bridge over a street, the line in a wooded cutting, and Jeff (MP 4.5), where the two tracks become one (but with space remaining for the former second track on the east side, including at bridges over streets), the single track, overhead AC electrified line heads north, with speed limit 60 mph, past a bridge over a street, the back of row housing to the west, and the passenger station with low-level platform on the west side at Wynnefield Avenue (MP 4.9).

There is a bridge over a street, trees bordering the line, a bridge over a narrow street, a turn just west of due north, a street alongside to the west, a derelict factory to the west, a large park (Fairmont Park) alongside to the east, a road bridge overhead, the passenger station at Bala (MP 5.7), with low-level side platform to the west and a former platform on the east side, with catenary but no track, a road bridge overhead, a turn back to the north, signals at Cyn (MP 6.0), the passenger station at Cynwyd (MP 6.1), current end of SEPTA service, with west side low-level platform and shelter under a road bridge overhead, and the former east side platform still in place, with catenary but not track, and the current end of track at a bumper post just to the north.

The remainder of the former line turns north-northeast, past the former passenger station at Barmouth (MP 6.8), and the magnificent curved descending concrete viaduct over the former Conrail Harrisburg Line, the Schuylkill River, and the SEPTA Norristown Line, ending up heading northwest, past the former passenger station at Manayunk West (MP 7.8), the interlocking at Man (MP 8.2), Ivy Ridge (MP 8.4), and the erstwhile end of track at MP 8.6.