16th Street Junction to Wayne Junction

From 16th Street Junction (MP 3.5), where the double track line northwest to Norristown splits away, on the west side, from the four track main line, the main line turns north, passes beneath the through truss bridge carrying the SEPTA Chestnut Hill West line, past seven bridges over streets, where the houses along the streets are in much better repair than further south, a signal bridge, Tioga (MP 4.0), the former station at Nicetown, Hunt (MP 4.5), a bridge over the former Conrail/Reading freight line from Bellevue below, and a maintenance yard, with extra tracks on the east side, the Chestnut Hill line going around the shops to the west, the SEPTA maintenance shops to the west of the main line, crossovers at Wayne (MP 5.1, aka Wind), where there is a tower on the east side, a road bridge carrying US 1 overhead, the station at Wayne Junction (MP 5.2), with a connection to the Chestnut Hill line on the north side of the shops, a low-level island platform on the west side (with the Chestnut Hill line on its west side, and two additional tracks west of that), and a high-level island platform to the east, at the north end of which the Chestnut Hill East line splits away from the main line on the north/'west' side as the main line turns northeast.