McCloud to Bartle

From the station at McCloud (MP 0.0), where there is a platform on the east side of the line, next to a greensward alongside the town’s main street, and carriage sidings on the west side,  and continuing past the south apex of the wye with the line westward, passing to the east of the shops in the middle of the wye, with speed limit 15 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freights, in Yard Limits, and the east apex of the wye, at North McCloud, the line turns east, single track, DTC, entering the Bartle Block at MP 2.6 where the speed limit has risen to 25 mph, with the bulk of Mount Shasta ever looming on the north side of the line, past Ash Creek, Esperanza, Bigelow, the spur at Dry Creek (MP 10.0), Swobe, Kinyon (MP 13.0), and Algomah, turning east-southeast to MP 17.8, where the Bartle Block ends and Yard Limits start, and the 1,328 ft. siding, with water tank on the north side of the line, and wye with the Burney Line at Bartle (MP 18.0), where the speed limit is 15/10, the Hambone line heads south and the Burney Line north-northeast, on trackage built, by the Great Northern, eventually reaching the junction with the former GN high line at Lookout Junction.