Carson City to Virginia City

The single track line, maximum speed 20 mph, all in Yard Limits, heads east-northeast from Carson City (MP 0.0), past Empire, where it turns curvily east-southeast on a ledge above the north bank of the Carson River in the Carson River Canyon, turning very curvily northeast, still  on that ledge along the north bank of the river in the canyon, past Merrimac (MP 2.5) and the 250 ft.  east side siding at Eureka (MP 4.7), where it turns curvily (east, west, east again) north, still on the ledge above the canyon to the east, curving west, away from the river, past a cutting, an s-curve east and then west, the location of the junction between the present line and the original right-of-way further east, curving further west, and then east to the 600 ft. west side siding at Eastgate (MP 6.7), where there is a platform on the west side, a spur at the south end of the siding, and a depot building away from the line to the west.

The present line has been diverted away from the original right-of-way, because on the approach to Mound House, that right-of-way passes through a housing area (trailer park) that basically prevents running the line through it. Leaving the current Eastgate site, heading north, the line curves west around a hill, crosses the through girder US 50 Bridge (MP 7.2), and curves to the east, now on a flat plain of scrubland, curving west, bridging over a culvert, and east again, bridging over another culvert, passing a grade crossing with a side road off US 50 to the north, and then the end of the deviation from the original right-of-way, coming in on the east side, more-or-less at the original location of Mound House, where the erstwhile Carson & Colorado (later SP narrow gauge) once headed east.

The line continues past a dirt road grade crossing, a curve to the east, a bridge over a culvert, a dirt road grade crossing, a cutting, a curve to the west, a dirt track grade crossing, a curve to the east, all on a 2.4% upgrade, a dirt track grade crossing, a curve to the west, a rocky cutting, a deviation to the west side of a new business, a curve back towards the east on an east-facing hillside, a dirt road grade crossing at Linehan Road (MP 8.3) as the line turns a sweeping curve around to the southeast,  then curves more westerly and more easterly, a curve to the east on a south-facing hillside, then left, to a northerly heading, a curve more westerly, through a dirt track grade crossing, the location where the erstwhile branch to Silver City once headed northeast (on the east side of the line), and then curvily north, past the 600 ft. east side siding at Haywards (MP 11.9).

The line turns curvily west, past two cuttings, a curve more easterly in a cutting, a curve back on a ledge on an east-facing hillside, with a ravine below to the east, 566 ft. Tunnel 2 (MP 12.6), after which the line is above the geographical feature of American Flat, below and to the "east", curving to the left, on a ledge, until it is heading southwest, through a cutting and then on a horseshoe curve back to the northeast, past a dirt track grade crossing, a cutting, a ledge above the same lower space as before, curves more easterly, westerly, and easterly, a dirt track grade crossing, and the 783 ft. south side siding at Scales (MP 14.3), site of a water supply for the steam locomotive, continuing past MP 14.5, a dirt road grade crossing, a curve northwest, past the railroad location of American Flat (MP 14.8), the curves more westerly, through a cutting, and more easterly, MP 15, curves back and forth, a cutting, a curve more easterly, with a large tank adjacent to a dirt road just below, and then just east of due north, past the 250 ft. west side siding at Donovan (MP 15.6).

There are curves more easterly and more westerly, a cutting, curves  north-northeast, east, and northeast, with the single track on a ledge on an east-facing hillside, past Overman Pit (MP 16.4), on the west side of the line, a cutting, MP 16.5,  Baltic, where erstwhile lines once headed southeast, as the line turns east, north past Crown Point and the diversion past the former location of the Crown Point Trestle, and north-northeast past the 215 ft. east side siding and wooden depot at Gold Hill (MP 16.7), where the maximum speed drops to 10 mph, southeast (a 19 curve on a 3.9% grade), past a grade crossing, and east, curving around to pass the former site of Tunnel 3 (west of the line), to the east-northeast, and the nore easterly, into 411 ft. Tunnel 4 (MP 17.4).

The line turns north, past the former East Yellow Jacket spur on the east side, bridging above a gulley to the east, and then past the former location of Tunnel 5, now a road bridge overhead, the spur on teh east side to the V&T shops, a cutting, a grade crossing with the road down to the shops, a derelict trestle overhead (a former ore loadout), and a grade crossing, to the 410 ft. siding and wooden depot on the west side at Virginia City (MP 18.6), whence the line once continued north through a tunnel and past a wooden freight depot (still extant) on the west side.