Boulder City to Railroad Pass Hotel

From the End of Track (MP 22.4), this segment of the former UP BMI subdivision, single track, Train Orders, Yard Limits, maximum speed 5 mph, heads west, past the platform on the north side, with shelters and kiosks, in the Nevada State Railway Museum at Boulder City (MP 21.9), a grade crossing, the two-track maintenance shop to the south, whose tracks trail in at Shops (MP 21.5), where the maximum speed increases to 20 mph, a through truss bridge over a driveway, with the highway (US 93) to the south), a through truss bridge over a divided street, a bridge over a culvert, a through truss bridge over a street, a culvert, a grade crossing with Cascata Road (MP 19.6), a culvert, a grade crossing, a cutting, Railroad Pass Hotel (MP 18.6), where the maximum speed reverts to 5 mph, with the eponymous hotel to the south, and the End of Track (MP 18.3).