Owego to North Harford

This former Lehigh Valley Railroad line, latterly operated as Conrail's Freeville Secondary Track is a surviving portion of the LV's Auburn Division, taken over by the Tioga Scenic Railroad after it was declared surplus by Conrail, with freight services operated by Canadian Pacific (as successor to the Delaware & Hudson)..

From Owego (MP 18.6), where the line makes an east-facing connection with the former Erie main line now operated as Conrail's Southern Tier line, crossing the main road to do so, there are extra tracks on the west side of the line, and the 1865-era passenger depot is on the east side of the line, the line curves around to the northeast, and then turns north, turning east-northeast at Flemingville (MP 22.8), where the 1902-built depot is on the west side of the line and there is a road crossing just north of the depot, turning north-northeast past Newark Valley (MP 28.3), where the 1879-built depot is on the east side of the main line, Watson (MP 28.8), the 26-car siding at Berkshire (MP 34.0), Richford (MP 37.8), Harford Mills (MP 41.9), where the line turns northwest, and the run-around at North Harford (MP 43.7), north end of the current line.