Mott Haven Junction to Spuyten-Duyvil

From the crossovers at CP 5 (MP 5.2), where the speed limit is 40 mph, the four-track Harlem Line continues northeast, the three-track Hudson line swings north-northwest, along (but not yet on) the north side of the Harlem River, past two road bridges overhead, a tower in the vee of the west apex of the wye with the Harlem Line at Mott Haven (MP 5.4), the third-rail electrified, TCS, four-track line passes a road bridge overhead, MP 5.5, where the speed limit rises to 45 mph for passenger trains, with a 20 mph speed limit for freights, a road bridge overhead, crossovers and 3,742 ft. westbound siding at CP6 (MP 5.6), two road bridges overhead, the passenger station (two sides plus center island platform) at Yankee Stadium/153rd Street, a road bridge overhead, MP 6.3, where the line from the Bronx Terminal Market once trailed in on the west side and the speed limit rises to 60 mph, crossovers at CP7 (MP 6.6), the former location of a bridge overhead from 155th Street, as the line comes alongside the Harlem River, a road ramp overhead, the High Bridge Train Work Facility to the west (and eight track yard with two maintenance buildings covering two tracks each), and the High Bridge Car Appearance Facility.

The line passes a highway to the east, two high bridges overhead (Hamilton Bridge and Washington Bridge), freight yard tracks to the east, a turn north-northeast, the passenger station (center island platform amid four tracks) at Morris Heights (MP 8.1), the passenger station (center island platform amid four tracks) at University Heights (MP 8.7), where a connection once headed away on the east side, a road bridge overhead (207th Street), a cement plant to the west, yard tracks to the east, BN (MP 9.1), and a speed restriction to 50 mph between MP 9.2 and MP 9.9 on the curve to the west, following the riverbank, past a subway line on a lifting bridge overhead (Broadway Bridge), the passenger station (center island platform under road bridge) at Marble Hill (MP 9.8), which is in Manhattan!

There is a rock cutting, a high road bridge overhead (Henry Hudson Bridge), crossovers at CP 10 (MP 9.9), where the number of tracks drops to two, with speed limit 30/15 as the line turns west-northwest, following the river, crossovers at CP 11 (MP 11.0), where the number of tracks rises to three again, the passenger station (west island and east side platforms) at Spuyten-Duyvil (MP 11.1), MP 11.5, where the speed limit rises to 75/40, and the crossovers at CP 12 (MP 11.8), where the unelectrified single track Amtrak line from the south joins the three track, third-rail electrified, Metro-North Hudson Line, coming west along the north bank of the Harlem River and turning north along the river bank at this point with four tracks, speed limit 75 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freights. There is a 10,032 ft. siding on the west side of the line at this point.