New Orleans Union Station and East City Junction

The stub end New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal (MP 202.5 on the  former Southern) has one east side and two dual-sided platforms, with umbrella sheds, serving five tracks (2-6), and has a 1954-built concrete depot across the stub end of the tracks, that also serves Greyhound. The Amtrak Maintenance Facility is on the south side of the line (locomotives at the southwest end, carriage sidings further east along the south side), inside a wye south of the line, used for turning the Sunset Limited on the way in. There are ramps for Business Route US 90 on the west side of the station. The New Orleans Superdome is on the east side of the station. Heading out the station throat, South Claiborne Avenue bridges overhead, with ramps to I-10, and then I-10 itself bridges overhead and then runs alongside to the south, North Broad Avenue bridges overhead, and then I-10 comes overhead again (running parallel to the line).

There is a wye connector on the north side, carrying the passenger connector to the NS and CSX lines at East City Junction. This connector heads north from the wye, to the former location of the KCS line into the erstwhile Rampart Street Station, where it turns northwest, along what remains of that former KCS line, to a junction at Carrolton Avenue, where the single track KCS line turns west and the connector turns north-northwest to East City Junction (MP 198.5 on the  former Southern), still beneath I-10, where it turns northeast (with I-10 to the west), crossing, at grade, the west leg of a wye, on the south side of the freight line from NOT Junction trailing in from the west-southwest, with the line that once went to Terminal Station, and then joining with both the freight line and the east leg of the wye.