East City Junction to Oliver Junction

At East City Junction (MP 198.5 on the  former Southern), the single-track line coming north-northeast from Union Station turns northeast, crossing, at grade, the west leg of a wye, on the south side of the freight line from NOT Junction trailing in from the west-southwest, with the line that once went to Terminal Station, and then joining with both the freight line and the east leg of the wye. The double-track line turns east, with I-610 just to the north, with speed limit 40-30, east-southeast past signals at Frenchman Street, where the Pontchartrain Railroad once crossed at grade, and east past signals at  Elysian Fields, where the stub of a former L&N line crosses at grade, Elysian Fields Avenue bridges overhead, then I-10, and then Franklin Avenue, to Terminal Junction (MP 194.4 on the  former Southern), west apex of a flat crossing with connectors in all four quadrants, with the former Southern Oliver Yard to the south, the former Southern line to the harbor area heading east, and the former Southern main line heading north, with the apex of the connectors in that direction at Oliver Junction (MP 194.1). The speed limit on the single track line through the crossing and connecting around it is 15 mph, on the west side of the Almonaster Avenue elevated roadway, which bridges over the northeast quadrant connector and the line continuing east.