Rutland to North Bennington

From the yard at Rutland (MP 54.2), where there is a passenger station on the west side of the line, an end-on junction is made with the Northern sub., and the Bellow Falls sub. heads off on the east side, the Vermont Railway's B&R sub.. heads south, single track, past Chapmantown (MP 53.2), Alfrecha, Clarendon, where the line edges west of due south, Wallingford (MP 45.2), and the 20-car siding at South Wallingford (MP 41.0), after which it turns south again.

The line passes the 27-car siding at Dunby (MP 36.3), turning just west of due south again, past North Dorset, turning further west of due south past the nine-car siding at East Dorset (MP 28.7), southwest past the eight-car siding at Manchester (MP 23.2), just west of dues south again to Sunderland, south-southwest past the 16-car siding at Arlington (MP 13.7), west-southwest and then south-southwest again past Shaftesbury, and South Shaftesbury (MP 3.8), south and southwest to the yard at North Bennington (MP 1.9), where the Bennington Branch leaves to the south-southeast and the line turns west-southwest.