Rutland to Bellows Falls

From the yard at Rutland (MP B52.2), where there is a passenger station on the west side of the line, an end-on junction is made with the Northern sub., and the Vermont Railway's B&R sub.. heads south, the Bellow Falls sub. heads off on the east side, single track, maximum speed 30 mph for passenger trains and 25 mph for freight trains, past Green Mountain Junction (MP B50.0/51.2), end of Rutland yard limits, start of North Clarendon yard limits and the former end-on junction with the Green Mountain Railroad, turning south past the yard at North Clarendon (MP 50.5), south-southeast, past the end of yard limits at MP 49.26, just west of due south, and south-southeast past East Clarendon (MP 47.2).

There is a spur at Cuttingsvile (MP 43.6), and the line turns south-southwest and then east-southeast, past the spur at East Wallingford (MP 40.5), east past the spur at Mount Holly (MP 37.7), southeast past the 25-car siding at Summit (MP 35.1) and Healdville (MP 33.6), east, south-southeast, and south to the 25-car siding at Ludlow (MP 28.2), turning east-southeast past the spur at Ludlow South (MP 27.3), the yard at Smithville (MP 26.4), the start of yard limits at MP 26.0, the end of yard limits at MP 25.11, the 8-car siding at Proctorsville (MP 24.8), and Cavendish (MP 23.3).

The line turns just west of due south, south past the 6-car siding at Gassetts (MP 18.9), just east of due south, past the yard at Chester (MP 14.5), the start of yard limits at MP 13.8, and the end of yard limits at MP 13.0, and south-southeast to Bartonsville (MP 10.5), turning just west of due south, east past Brockway's Mills (MP 8.4), southeast past Rockingham (MP 6.3) and Midway (MP 5.6), south past the former Steamtown site (on the east side) and the 10-car siding at Riverside (MP 3.2), and southeast, past the start of yard limits, the yard at Bellows Falls (MP 1.2), where there is a junction with the New England Central line which crosses the VR line on the flat, and a bridge over the Connecticut River into New Hampshire, turning south past the Fitchburg Yard at North Walpole (MP 0.9) on the erstwhile Boston & Maine, and the end of track and end of yard limits at Cold River (MP 0.0).