Center Rutland  to Whitehall

From the junction with the Vermont Railway at Center Rutland (MP 99.8), where the Vermont Railway turns north, the Clarendon & Pittsford continues southwest, single track, running between green wooded hills, alongside a bubbling river, past West Rutland (MP 97.3), where it turns west, to the 21 car siding at Castleton (MP 90.9), where a line to Salem once headed south and the line turns southwest, past Hydeville (MP 87.6) to the 14-car siding at Fair Haven (MP 85.9), where there is a passenger station and the line turns jsut west of due south, across the state line between Vermont and New York State.

In New York State, the line runs through more woods, mostly of second growth, to Whitehall (MP 77.6), where the line trails into the east side of the Delaware & Hudson main line.