Rutland Center to Essex Junction

From Center Rutland (MP 56.1), where the Clarendon & Pittsford continues southwest, the Vermont Railway turns just west of due north, single track, past the 66-car siding at Proctor (MP 60.6), where it curves just east of due north, curving north-northwest at Pittsford, north past the 38-car siding at Florence (MP 65.1), where a now-isolated Clarendon & Pittsford branch heads west-southwest. edging just west of due north until turning west-northwest past the 25-car siding at Brandon (MP 70.6), then north-northwest to the 55-car siding at Leicester Junction (MP 76.2), where an erstwhile Rutland line to Larabee's Point once left to the west, and north-northeast to Salisbury (MP 80.7).

The line turns north, north-northwest, and north again, past the 24-car siding at Middlebury (MP 87.6) and Beldens, turning west at the 10-car siding at New Haven (MP 95.2), where an erstwhile short line once headed east to Bristol, northwest and then north, past Vergennes (MP 100.4), just east of due north to Ferrisburg, just west of due north, past the 8-car siding at North Ferrisburg (MP 105.5), north and then northwest to Thompson's Point, where it turns north-northeast and then just east of due north, past the 40-car siding at Charlotte (MP 109.6) and the 20-car siding at Shelburne (MP 115.0), edging closer to due north past South Burlington (MP 118.5), and curving east past the 69-car siding at Burlington (MP 121.5) to the (now end-on) junction with the New England Central branch from Essex Junction, also at Burlington (MP 121.9), where there was also once a crossing with the erstwhile Rutland.