Essex Junction to St. Albans

From the 1,348 ft. siding at Essex Junction (MP 108.0), where the speed limit is 20 mph, an erstwhile Rutland line once trailed in on the west side, an erstwhile CV line once headed away northeast and the former CV line to Burlington turns away northwest, the main line continues northward, single track, OCS, unsignaled, line, with overall speed limit 59 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, past MP 108.3, where full line speeds resume, a turn northwest and then curvily north, MP 113.4 to MP 114.9, where the passenger speed limit is 50 mph, the 4,269 ft. siding at Milton (MP 119.0), the Georgia High Bridge over a river between MP 122.0 and MP 122.3, where the passenger speed limit is 40 mph, Georgia, the north-facing spur for the Whey Plant at MP 123.5, the 5,040 ft. siding at Oakland (MP 127.0), CP 131 (MP 130.9), where OCS ends and signals start, MP 131.2, where the speed limit drops to 30 mph, the south-facing spur for the Intermodal Terminal (MP 131.4), the road crossing at Lake Street (MP 132.0), where the speed limit is 15 mph until the crossing is occupied, and the interlocking at St. Albans (MP 132.1), where the brick passenger depot is on the east side of the line.